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Come along to enjoy a different wibbly wobbly theme each week...


Weekly classes & events


Examples of what you may be playing with this week...


        Summer Term - 5th June - 21st July 2017. Monday, Thursday & Friday. 

        August Summer Holiday - Friday 11th, Thursday 17th & Monday 21st August, 11am - 12pm.
                           All in Wish Park by the cafe - Pre book & Pay.

Friday 11th August.


Superheroes - Super Potato

Help save the potato and catch the evil pea.

Come along and join Red Jelly in Wish Park.

Join us making superheroes to take home, there will be a large cardboard evil pea to paint and play in, and messy trays full of peas, superheroes and potatoes.

This is a pre book & pay event. Normal class prices via paypay on the prices pay.

Thursday 17th August.


Hairy Maclary

Out of the gate and of for a walk went Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy.
Join Red Jelly in Wish Park.

We'll be getting messy in trays full of dogs and gloop. Make your own Dog to take home, painting and playing in a large cardboard Donaldsons Dairy.

This is a pre book & pay event. Normal class prices via paypay on the prices pay.

Monday 21st August.


Rumble in the Jungle

Join us this week at Red Jelly out & about in Wish Park, we'll be turning the park into a jungle.

We will be making jungle animals to take home, messy trays of swamps, spaghetti vines and jungle animals and painting a giant cardboard jungle hideaway.

This is a pre book & pay event. Normal class prices via paypay on the prices pay.

Monday 26th, Thursday 29th & Friday 30th June.


Stomping, Chomping Dinosaurs

Stomp, Stomp, Chomp, Chomp!! Dinosaurs will be all over Red Jelly this week.

We will be making Dinosaurs to take home, playing in messy trays of skeletons, fossils and swamps and painting a giant cardboard Cave.    

Monday 3rd, Thursday 6th & Friday 7th July.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A little egg lay on a leaf........come and meet the very hungry caterpillar at Red Jelly this week.

We will be making Caterpillars to take home with you, playing in messy trays of all the food the caterpillar eats and painting a giant cardboard butterfly.

Monday 10th, Thursday 13th & Friday 14th July.

The Gingerbread man

"Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man."

Join us at Red Jelly and help us catch the Gingerbread man.

We'll be making a Gingerbread man, painting a giant cardboard Gingerbread house and playing in gingerbread paly dough.

Monday 17th, Thursday 20th & Friday 21st July.

Barry the fish with Fingers - Sue Hendra book.

Have you ever see a fish with fingers? No? Well neither had the fish at the bottom of the ocean until they caught sight of Barry!

Join us at Red Jelly this week to meet Barry.

We'll be making Barry to take home, painting agiant cardboard boat and playing in foam, fish and sea creatures.





Term ends on Friday 21st July, we are back on Monday 11th September 2017.


Please be aware that these are guidelines and may be subject to change each week.

Term-time weekday classes & holiday events cost £8.00 per child on the door or £7.50 if paid in advance. Discounts are available if you pay online in advance. Sibling discount applies. Special events (Festivals & Saturdays) are priced separately.  Click here for more information on pricing and class/event times. Booking is advisable by email or phone (01273 930013).



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