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Red Jelly is a fast-growing children’s creative art and messy play franchise in the UK. We are a family-friendly business that attracts ambitious people who want a fun and flexible way to earn money. Franchise opportunities are available as we expand across the country. If you love working with children and getting messy then this could be the perfect flexible business for you!

Why Choose a Franchise?  

Having children, greater job satisfaction, flexible working hours – there are many reasons people are now looking to be their own boss.

Join a supportive team 
We understand that setting up on your own business is huge step, but a franchise with Red Jelly offers an easy and supported way of getting started and growing your exciting new business. We’re a small team of enthusiastic and energetic parents, giving you one on one help to build your business.

You’ll be buying into a tried and tested method with an established brand and benefit from on-going support to get you off to a flying start. If you are looking for a real work-life balance, Red Jelly could offer you the flexibility in a job you enjoy. 

Is it right for you?

We are looking for people who love working with children, a passion for crafts and have a fun lively personality, to bring out the best in our little jellies and their parents and carers.


How to Become a Franchisee?

If you're interested and would like more information

Please contact Emma - emma@redjellykids.co.uk
Telephone - 01273 90013















Red Jelly means business when it comes to creative play for children. Classes and birthday parties are full of fun, for children and their parents and/or carers alike.

At Red Jelly classes, which run throughout the week, children play with and explore a variety of art and craft activities in their own time and own way.

Classes are well-planned and follow a weekly theme – anything from ‘Magical Snow Land’ and ‘Big Bug Ball’, to ‘Stomp like a Dinosaur’ and ‘Farmyard Fun’. Through a variety of media, materials and equipment, children explore colour, shape, texture, form and space, in two or three dimensions.

Children are encouraged to get ‘wibbly wobbly’ before they get creative – each class starts with a silly Red Jelly song and some warm-up movements. And each class finishes with a wind-down story linked to the weekly theme.

Parents and/or carers are central to Red Jelly’s philosophy.  That’s why you join your children when they play. Red Jelly provides the venue, materials and structure, leaving you to enter your child's world of imagination, so they can become more confident in exploring and learning.

Creative play with Red Jelly is all about focusing on the journey children take rather than what they actually make. We like children to be curious and imaginative, rather than getting them to make something to take home with them. This helps develop their creativity.

Red Jelly’s programme of activity is aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for children.

Classes, parties and events are aimed at children from walking up to the age of seven, but Red Jelly welcomes all ages along!

How are the classes structured?

Singing and warming up

Singing and warm up movements are designed to encourage a fun start to classes. Framing the class with a structure is important for children to feel comfortable and confident.  We begin with our very own Red Jelly song..
“Red Jelly, Red Jelly
We’ve all come to Red Jelly
To paint and stick and make a mess
We’ve all come to Red Jelly!”

Playing with art

Activities are designed to encourage children’s natural curiosity and children are allowed to ‘free flow’ between them, according to what they enjoy. Activities include: sticking, painting, decorating  large, cardboard structures and giant wall murals, messy play, building and drawing. Information of the themes is on the website.
Story time

Each class closes with a snack and short story.



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