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Welcome to our classes!

Red Jelly - open Monday & Friday. Hove Methodist Church, Portland Road, Hove. BN3 5DR

You will find more information about the different themes at each class here. Please note you are not tied into a termly course and are able to come to a different class each week if you wish...just make sure you email each time to let us know when you are coming!

Please contact us here, or email to book in for any of the following classes or events. Please email to ask about our birthday parties.

Class Schedule



10:30am - 11:25am


10:30am - 11.25am

Some Saturdays - see below

10:30am - 11.25am



Weekday morning classes are £8.00 per child on the door, or  £7.50 if paid in advance online. Sibling discount applies.

Please Click Here for more information on how to pay.

School holiday events

Days vary, tbc

Saturday events

Times vary, see below.

Next School Holiday events - Priced as a weekday class - All pre book & pay.


Next Saturday event - 

Saturday 3rd February 2018 - The Highway Rat - Fully booked

Saturday 14th April 2018 - Wizard of OZ - Fully booked

Saturday 16th June 2018 - ZOG


Saturday classes are priced separately; click here to be kept informed about these events.

Please Click Here for more information on how to pay for any of our classes or events.

All classes, events and parties are run at HOVE METHODIST CHURCH, Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5DR

We will host parties at your home and other venues with their permission.

How are the classes structured?


Singing and warming up


Singing and warm up movements are designed to encourage a fun start to classes. Framing the class with a structure is important for children to feel comfortable and confident. The start of a class also gives children the chance to expend some energy and noise before they start their art activities! We begin with our very own Red Jelly song, follow the words below! You can also preview this on our latest video.

“Red Jelly, Red Jelly
We’ve all come to Red Jelly
To paint and stick and make a mess
We’ve all come to Red Jelly!”

Playing with art


Activities are designed to encourage children’s natural curiosity and children are allowed to ‘free flow’ between them, according to what they enjoy. Activities include: sticking, painting, decorating large, cardboard structures and giant wall murals, messy play, building, drawing, colouring and chalking. More information about what you can expect each week can be found in the ‘theme’ section of this website.


Story time


Each class closes with a snack and short story. Our 'tidy up' song starts playing before story time to indicate that it's time to wash hands, put dirty smocks in our laundry bin and grab a snack! Story time gives the children time to wind down and understand it is the end of the class.

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