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About Red Jelly


Red Jelly means business when it comes to creative play for children. Classes and birthday parties are full of fun, for children and their parents and/or carers alike.


At Red Jelly classes, which run throughout the week, children play with and explore a variety of art and craft activities in their own time and own way.


Classes are well-planned and follow a weekly theme – anything from ‘Magical Snow Land’ and ‘Big Bug Ball’, to ‘Stomp like a Dinosaur’ and ‘Farmyard Fun’. Through a variety of media, materials and equipment, children explore colour, shape, texture, form and space, in two or three dimensions.


Children are encouraged to get ‘wibbly wobbly’ before they get creative – each class starts with a silly Red Jelly song and some warm-up movements. And each class finishes with a wind-down story linked to the weekly theme.


Parents and/or carers are central to Red Jelly’s philosophy.  That’s why you join your children when they play. Red Jelly provides the venue, materials and structure, leaving you to enter your child's world of imagination, so they can become more confident in exploring and learning.


Creative play with Red Jelly is all about focusing on the journey children take rather than what they actually make. We like children to be curious and imaginative, rather than getting them to make something to take home with them. This helps develop their creativity.


Red Jelly’s programme of activity is aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for children. It has been designed alongside education professionals, child psychologists, teachers, childminders and nursery teachers – all of whom have provided invaluable support.


Classes, parties and events are aimed at children from walking up to the age of seven, but Red Jelly welcomes all ages along! Having fun is at the heart of what we do!


About the owner


Red Jelly is owned by Emma Churchill, a mum of one and living locally in Hove.


An art and craft enthusiast, who just loves making things, Emma hopes to share her creativity and imagination with parents/carers and children, in a playful environment. Bringing creativity into as many homes as possible.


Having worked in television for the last 14 years within Children's BBC and other local Brighton Production Companies, Emma is really excited to be embarking on her new ‘working mum’ life. 


About your child’s creativity


“When children have opportunities to play with ideas in different situations and with a variety of resources, they discover connections and come to new and better understandings and ways of doing things. Adult support in this process enhances their ability to think critically and ask questions”

The Early Years Foundation Stage


Every child differs in what interests and engages them. Whilst one will love to paint and draw, another may be more excited at the opportunity of building with blocks, or creating imaginary characters.


There's no right or wrong when playing with art. It’s about letting your child explore, try different things and find their way.


Creativity can help your child express their emotions. And the satisfaction of producing something can boost their self-esteem.


In a child’s early years, creativity grows and develops alongside their cognitive ability - this means that a young child's drawing may be more detailed because they're advanced in their development, not necessarily because they’re more creative.


Girls are generally a bit ahead in their development in the early years, so their drawings are usually a little more sophisticated.


You can help shape your child's creative development. Children are highly motivated by praise. However, only praising artistic work that's lifelike or neat can lead children to do more of the same and produce less that is abstract or unusual. To promote creativity, child psychologists recommend that you:

  • Encourage your child's curiosity and exploration.
  • Give your child the time and materials to develop creative projects.
  • Give your child some structure and guidance to creative play, but don’t tell them how to express themselves.
  • Set an example - if you think and express yourself creatively, you offer a role model for creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I leave my child on their own at a Red Jelly class?

No all children are expected to be accompanied by a parent or carer. Although the classes are facilitated by Red Jelly staff, you are expected to help your child play with art and explore different activities.


How much does a class cost and can I just drop-in?

Classes cost £8 per child if you pay on the door. If you pay in advance by Paypal you get 7.5% discount. Special events are priced separately. Or you can buy a loyalty card, which gives you 6 classes for the price of 5. These cost-effective cards can be used over 3 months so are a great way of saving money without being tied in to a course. Numbers are limited at each class so booking is advisable.


What shall I get my child to wear?

Probably best not to bring them in their Sunday best! We do provide smocks but appreciate some children don’t like to wear them! Just bring them in casual gear and sling it in the wash when you get home!


How long will my child spend playing with art?

Classes start with a Red Jelly song and some warm up movements - this lasts around 5 minutes. Children can then ‘free-flow’ around the art activities for around 35 minutes. Classes finish with a short story suited to the weekly theme and a snack. The whole class lasts for 55-minutes.


How can I find out about birthday parties?

We love a good party at Red Jelly! Parties are themed and tailored to whatever your child is into at the time of their birthday; themes include: 'Under the Sea', 'Blast Off', 'Magical Mermaids', 'Pretty Princesses', 'Down on the Farm' and 'Choo Choo Train'...the list goes on! Email us for details of our party plan.

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